Jaci Langford

Jaci Langford – Corporate Lawyer/ Company Secretary – Lonely Planet

Jaci has worked at Lonely Planet for the past two and a half years as a corporate lawyer. Prior to joining Lonely Planet, Jaci worked a corporate lawyer for the Australian Grand Prix Corporation and as a solicitor for a firm focused on the sports and media sector. 

When Jaci joined Lonely Planet, Agile was widely used across the business (including in the legal department) as a method of team and task management. The ability to visually prioritize matters, track progress and have visibility over each team member’s workload had an immediate, beneficial impact on her own productivity and team work. Straight away Jaci was an advocate of the Agile method. 


The legal team continues to explore Agile work practices at Lonely Planet and has incorporated digital software to allow the team to continue to use Agile together from different corners of the globe. The evolution has been a key element in the team delivering an outstanding service to Lonely Planet.